Tips For Softening Hardened Leather Items

How to Soften hardened leather items

With the advantage of being very durable, beautiful and never out of fashion, leather products are loved and used by everyone, but for a long time they are easy to dry and hard. So don’t miss the quick and effective skin-softening tips below.

Using coconut oil keeps the skin soft for longer

Coconut oil is very useful for our lives, not only has a beauty effect for women, but it also works to soften skin effectively. The implementation is very simple, you use your hand to apply coconut oil directly on the skin. You will feel your skin soft quickly and coconut oil will also stay soft for a long time.

Coconut Oil helps softening the leather

Using shoe polish to soften leather effectively

Shoe polish is an item used to soften leather that everyone knows, but not everyone knows how to use them for the best effect. Apply a little polish to the old cloth and scrub each patch of skin several times. Do not scrub too hard will damage the skin layer. Another note when using shoe polish to soften leather is to choose the right polish for the leather. The best polish you should use is colorless polish, with this polish you can use to soften all skin types. Don’t use black polish to soften brown leather.

Using shoe polish to soften leather effectively

Using alcohol and Vaseline to soften leather

Another tip to help get rid of the roughness of leather is alcohol and Vaseline. You soak a little bit of alcohol into the cotton and scrub off your leather. Wait a while for the alcohol to dry on the surface of the leather garment and continue brushing with the vaseline. Finally, you dry the leather shirt and shoes and you will see them soften significantly.

Using alcohol and Vaseline to soften the leather

Using the hairdryer

It may sound strange, but a hairdryer is also a tip for effectively softening leather. First, you take a soft towel and put on some lotion. This action not only makes your leather softer, but also protects and moisturizes it. Using a towel to apply lotion from the outside in will make the lotion evenly, deeper. If it is leather clothes, use your hand to soften clothes after applying lotion, this ensures the clothes are softened to the smallest nooks and crannies. Next, use a hairdryer, turn them on and start drying the leather, keep it at least 15cm away from your leather and move them, don’t leave the dryer at a fixed point. Then, you just need to use a soft towel to rub evenly over your leather item, it will make the skin clear and beautiful.

Using hairdryer to soften leather product

Note: Before applying the tips for softening leather goods, you need to pay attention to wipe away dirt and dry them. Especially when you want to soften a pair of thick leather covered with dust or a leather shirt with stains … so do not be lazy when doing this step. If your leather items have been left too long to cause them to become moldy, you can use an alcohol-based diluent or soap, dip moisture in a soft cloth and wipe the surface of the leather to remove the stains before attempting any treatments to soften leather goods.

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