Loafers – 03 Ways Of Wearing To Attract Opponent!


It can be said that the feet are the most sensitive place for each person. The feet where close to 300 acupuncture points are located have a direct influence on the parts of the human body. If it comes to popularity shoes for men, there is probably no more popular line than men’s loafers on the market today. Handy, diverse designs and easy to combine with clothes, loafers almost dominate the guy’s shoe shelves. Because of its popularity and diversity that makes guys have more choices in expressing their style. We will find out what loafers are and their related features in the article below.

What are loafers?

What are loafers?

Loafers – as known as The Lazy shoe. Lazy shoes are the most commonly used shoes today. Lazy shoes have no laces design, which can be inserted right away when needed.

Lazy shoes were born in the UK around the beginning of the 20th century. When all the people in the Royal Family in England lost their preference for shoes that had to be laced because they were really entangled and inconvenient. The King of England ordered shoemakers to design new types of shoes without laces but with courtesy. So, the loafers were born.

After gaining popularity in the UK. Lazy shoes began to be introduced to European countries such as the US, France, .. and are very popular because of their convenience.

Currently, loafers are present in almost all countries around the world and are used by both men and women.

Types of men’s loafers

1. Slip on

Slip on shoes

Slip on is one of the most popular loafers today. Slip on shoes have a simple design with monolithic seams, spikes and no laces.

This shoe was born in the UK. First, lazy shoe is made just for middle and upper class gentlemen but due to cultural saturation, it gradually becomes a fairly popular shoe.

Slip on shoes are suitable for lazy people. Because you just need to put on your shoes and you can go immediately and Slip on shoes are also very easy to mix with other outfits.

Note: when choosing Slip on shoes, you should choose ones that fit your feet. Since the design has no laces, the Slip on isn’t as comfortable to resize as sports shoes.

2. Penny Shoes (Penny Loafer)

Penny Loafers

Penny is a classic, with a design similar to the Slip on shoe, but the material Penny often uses is leather.

Penny shoes bring elegance and modernity to the user in style. Therefore, Penny shoes are often used on formal occasions.

Some attractive ways of coordination styles

1. In luxury style

Combine clothes with loafers in luxury style

Men’s leather loafers are the most important subject of this style. The main office is a place where elegance and classy are needed, so you should be careful when choosing clothes before combining with loafers. The elegance of men’s leather shoes is no doubtful, but in order to still create a youthful, comfortable and stylish look, you need to choose the right clothes. Casual pants with a shirt is the perfect choice in this case, you can combine dark pants and light-colored shirts, and wearing a vest coat. That will make your overall outfit become more elegant and more luxurious.

2. In a romantic style

Combine clothes with loafers in romantic style

Men’s loafers will make you more romantic when you dress up in this style. An impression stems from a very gentle and elegant appeal. Comes with this style should be t-shirts, plaid shirts or cardigan combined with some khaki pants with a moderate light tone, depending on the color of the shoe that you should choose the appropriate color of the pants. With this combination, your appearance will be harmonious, elegant, and extremely impressive in the eyes of others.

3. In a healthy style

Combine clothes with loafers in a healthy style

A style that also goes well with men’s leather loafers. Because this shoe line was born for the purpose of serving convenience and dynamism. Regardless of the variation, the appearance of the loafers is always impressive, young, dynamic and healthy. That is why this style is chosen by many people. The combination is also very simple and light, just a shirt with jeans, brightly colored khaki or layer style. With this style, you will completely become liberal, youthful but still very elegant in the overall combination.

With the above lazy shoes coordination methods. We hope we can help you to choose a style that suits each of your circumstances with loafers. 

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