Do you know how to choose a swimsuit to flats your beauty?

Benefits of daily swimming

The hot summer is the golden time for beach trips. This is also an opportunity for the girls to show off their latest and most beautiful swimsuits. So how to choose a swimsuit that can show off their beauty as well as highlight their skin tone? Let find out!

How to choose swimsuits according to skin tone

When buying swimsuits for women, it is certainly not only the design but also the color that determines whether your set is beautiful or not. Therefore, choose the color of swimwear according to your skin so that they help you lift the beauty of your body, making you stand out from the crowd.

When buying women’s swimwear, it is even more difficult to choose the right one for your skin tone when choosing other casual outfits because swimwear is a specially designed product. If you have pink-white skin, choosing a bikini is quite easy because this is an easy skin tone to match with all colors. If you have brown skin, honey skin, or skin with elements that are only suitable for certain colors … and are wondering about choosing a suitable bikini for yourself.

However, to help you be more specific when choosing colors for your beach outfits, please refer to how to choose for each skin color below:

Swimwear color for honey skin

If you are a girl with honey skin: you can choose a light yellow, iridescent pink, or purple bikini. These tones will give you a whiter look thanks to the complementary color scheme. In addition, you should avoid using deep tones like beige or olive green as these will make your skin visibly dull.

Bikini for honey skin
Bikini for honey skin

Swimsuit color for a slightly tanned 

For women with slightly tanned skin, choose clothes with crimson or brown tones to highlight their skin. Also, you should stay away from swimsuits that are black or dark gray as it will dull your skin and become less sharp.

Swimsuit color for a dark complexion

For those with dark skin, swimwear with navy blue, tangerine peel color, light blue, and graphite will be the appropriate color to lift tones as well as create a brighter feeling for you. You should stay away from mustard, brown, or gray bikinis because they will darken your skin a lot.

Bikini for dark complexion
Bikini for dark complexion

Swimwear for white skin

For those of you with fair skin, almost every color gamut is wearable and looks outstanding. However, if you want to fully show off this advantage, give preference to cobalt blues, greens and pinks and limit the use of orange or yellow.

Swimsuit color for ivory-white skin

Ivory white skin is also among the top fair skin tones, so it can also easily suit a variety of swimwear colors. Therefore, you should choose blue tones such as navy blue, sky blue, blue to emerald color, pink purple, dark purple … to fully enhance your skin.

Things not to do when choosing to buy swimsuits

Here are some notes that should not be done when buying swimsuits for women:

  • Do not persistently choose models that are trendy but not suitable. Fashion looks its best when it fits and makes you comfortable, so choose the swimsuit that suits you first. Therefore, try starting with the designs that are said to be best suited to your body (pear body, apple, big breasts, small chest, or too big waist …) Then consider adding more Factors related to three rounds for re-selection.
  • Do not choose swimwear that is too fabric and too wide because it will easily create creases and gaps when you accidentally or be pulled out of the original position, but it does not help to better conceal defects. If you don’t want to be revealing, simply find a suit that fits or put on a beach net shirt that’s been prevalent lately.
  • Do not choose swimsuits with cup cups larger than your bust size because they do not make your breasts look bigger, even the opposite because it is easy to squeeze and become distorted. That would look weird in such a crowded place!
  • When buying swimwear, it is best not to go alone, or just go alone if you are sure that the swimwear store has a waiter who knows how to choose clothes so that you can advise you. . Please bring with a friend for advice when you try on clothes as well as have better eyesight.
  • When trying on clothes, you should walk and move for a while to see if the suit is really comfortable when you are active or not. In addition, when trying on, you should also exercise such as raising your arms, stretching or bending your body as much as possible to make sure your shirt – swimwear is still tight, not sagging when you are active.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have more in-depth knowledge to choose the really beautiful and suitable swimsuits – swimsuits for yourself for this summer trip. 


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