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Tips To Choose A Men Crossbody Leather Bag Fits Your Body Shape

Crossbody for tall, thin men

Nowadays, fashion isn’t just for women. The strong development of men’s fashion has been clearly affirmed and diversified. In addition to the very classy outfits, playful or youthful outfit to polite formal, surely there will be indispensable accessories to combine to maximize the beauty in your style. The current crossbody leather bags are no longer […]

4 Principles For Men To Pose With Clutch Properly

How to pose properly with men clutch

If before, the Clutches were often known as accessories for women, nowadays, Clutch is the same accessory that is very popular with men because of its convenience and fashion style. However, for an accessory born out of women’s hand-held purses like Clutch, many people will impose the thought that using it will make men not […]

3 Actions Must Stay Away In Preserving Men Leather Briefcase

Men leather briefcase

The leather briefcase is one of the most popular items for men in recent times. However, not everyone knows how to manage this material well. Here, we would like to share with you some actions you need to avoid when preserving your leather briefcase! Machine drying and source temperature One of the most recognizable weaknesses […]

How To Choose A Backpack For The Office Lady

Lady backpack

The backpack at work is something that officers will have to carry with them almost every day, especially those women who often have to carry their computers with papers and documents. However, not everyone knows how to choose a backpack so that they can both meet the needs of both fashion and at an affordable price. In this article, […]