5 Ways To Restore The Like-New Look On Leather Bags You Should Know

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Every man must own a luxurious leather handbag, but not sure how to clean the leather bag?

This handbag is made from a variety of materials, can be synthetic or natural leather. And when men have spent a lot of money to buy themselves a leather handbag like that, always try to keep it clean.

Cleaning the leather bag with warm water

Just like how to clean and preserve leather clothes, for leather bags, you should not wash directly with soap, which will cause the skin to deteriorate quickly. It is best to take time each week to mix a small amount of mildly concentrated soap in warm water.

Then absorb this solution with a soft cotton cloth and gently wipe the surface of the bag. This tip not only helps to keep the bag durable but also helps the skin to become shiny.

Cleaning the bag with warm water

Cleaning the leather bag in vertically wipe the bag

Many men often have a habit when bags are dirty and often use a towel to wipe them horizontally. However, to avoid damaging the leather surface of the bag, it’s best to wipe it vertically!

Cleaning the bag in vertical

Should not use chemical pre-impregnated towels

One more note on how to clean leather handbags should remember that you do not use chemicals or towels to clean the bag. Many people often use wet baby towels to clean leather bags.

However, these wet paper towels contain many chemicals that are easy to make the bag fade, the skin is dry, wrinkled so it’s best to only use a normal damp cloth (can add diluted soap) clean.

Cleaning a dirty leather bag should be cleaned immediately

When the leather bag is dirty, you need to clean it immediately, because at this time the stain has not yet penetrated deeply into the skin’s surface. If you cannot handle the stain on the bag right away, it is better to buy a stain remover specifically for the leather, because the stain may already be dry, if applied conventional cleaning methods will be difficult to remove.

Clean the bag with baking soda powder

In addition to the beauty benefits of baking soda, you can also use it to deodorize bags because it absorbs sweat very well. Just put a little baking soda in the bag and wrap it in a pillowcase or dustbag within 24 hours and your bag will be fresh and clean.

Cleaning the bag by baking soda

Any object, if you do not have the right way to preserve it, no matter how much you love it, it is time to say “goodbye” to them. With leather goods too, you should refer to how to clean leather bag with 5 ways above to preserve your favorite leather bag to keep its “youthful” look before the dust of time.

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