4 Principles For Men To Pose With Clutch Properly

How to pose properly with men clutch

If before, the Clutches were often known as accessories for women, nowadays, Clutch is the same accessory that is very popular with men because of its convenience and fashion style.

However, for an accessory born out of women’s hand-held purses like Clutch, many people will impose the thought that using it will make men not be themselves, or too feminine, can’t highlight the masculinity and seduction of the men. This view is completely wrong, you absolutely still retain the masculinity, charm, and elegance when using Clutch properly.

Principle of using men clutch

Choosing a trendy and quality men’s leather Clutch, along with your matching Clutch with your outfit is just one of the first steps to making you look fashionable with this accessory. For you to become even more perfect, holding a Clutch properly is the most important key to help you become a real stylish and elegant business gentleman. This is something that many gentlemen do not care about, so it often leads to some mistakes that are too focused on style and color and forget not to learn about how to use this accessory.

First: Clip to armpits

When your hands are busy with having a phone, key, or light a cigarette, … gentlemen can completely clamp the Clutch into eir armpits, this pose looks very masculine and a bit of dusty, adventurous, and women especially love and are attracted to this male style. However, you should choose the situation to pose with Clutch and especially avoid this pose when on the road because it causes dissonance and lack of aesthetics in crowded places.

Men clamp clutch in his ampit

Second: Holding the clutch and posing at the hip level

This is the pose that many celebs used. This pose helps you to fully show off a high-end clutch, making you extremely elegant and masculine, attracting all the eyes of women.

Men wearing clutch at hip level

Third: Hold your wallet with both hands and pose in front

You can refer to this styling from some celebs. One note when using these styles is that you need to create a certain style and how to show off the Clutch in the most subtle and natural way. If you lose your confidence with the accessories you are carrying, you will become girly, and lose points in the eyes of others.

Men wearing clutch in both hands

Fourth: Wear or thread the handle if on the road

This is the simplest pose that any gentleman can do, if you go for a walk or go out, wearing or threading the purse will make you radiate a very liberal, perfect masculinity. However, using clutches when on the road is easy to happen, such as being jerked, robbed, stolen, …

Men clutch purse

Above are some suggestions for men in using a hand Clutch and creating the best aesthetic effect for men. If you are still hesitant to use Clutch in a stylish way, through this article, we hope men will confidently shine with their hand-held leather Clutch.

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